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Telco Brewery is a microbrewery located in Santa Clarita, CA just north of Los Angeles. We make quality craft beer to sell to the public via our tap room, bars, convenience stores, and restaurants.  We are two telephone company dudes who love to brew craft beer and share it with family, friends, coworkers and the community. We cannot wait to share it with you. We offer six core beers on tap; Static Haze IPA, Tip & Ring Pale Ale, Short To Ground IPA, Low Voltage Wheat Ale, Rotary Red Ale, and award winning Muck Out Stout. 

Static Haze IPA
A refreshing hop-driven India pale ale showcasing fresh, juicy, citrus hop flavors & aromas. Moderate bitterness & low malt flavors. Deceptively soft, creamy mouthfeel gives way to a crisp, dry finish characteristic of an american IPA. 
Tip & Ring Pale Ale 
A classic American Ale, with a hoppy aroma. Tip & Ring is dry hopped to give you the smell of an IPA with out the bitterness.  An excellent introduction to Telco Brewery’s fine beers.
Short to Ground IPA
Our Indian Pale Ale with the bite and smell only an IPA can offer. With ABV 7.8% & IBUs 71, this IPA is made with a single hop. Chinook is well-balanced with spicy overtones and heavy aromas brewed with Cara-Pils malt for extra body. Then dry hopped with you guessed it Chinook. West coast IPA baby!
Rotary Red Ale
Our Rotary Red is a fan favorite red ale. The red ale offers an array of hops, a total of five hops. The star being Columbus, giving you that floral-citrusy flavor that we love in a light bodied beer. With the rest of the hops delivering excellent aroma followed by the undeniable red flavor. An excellent balance of a traditional red.
Low Voltage Wheat Ale
Low Voltage Wheat Ale – Telco's take on an American wheat beer, also giving you that classic spice in a Hefeweizen. Our wheat beer is not like any other wheat. A light bodied beer that doesn't let you down in the fruity and floral notes. Making this wheat a great session beer.
Muck Out Stout
Muck Out Stout – Winner of the Montrose Homebrew Competition on April 2016, this stout comes in weighing at 7.4% ABV, & 41 IBUs. Our chocolate colored stout doesn’t disappoint adding a roasted malt to give you that coffee flavor we all love. Liberal amounts of Willamette and Cascade hops balance the sturdy malt backbone, making for a dangerously drinkable big beer.
+52 Mexican Lager
A Mexican lager with soft malt complexity and well balance hop presence. The Vienna malt gives this beer a slight toasty character, it has a dry finish with both malt and hop bitterness present in the aftertaste. 
Hi-Cap Haze IPA
A refreshing hop-driven pale ale showcasing fresh fruity hop flavors and aromas. Low bitterness and low malt flavors. Soft and creamy mouthfeel gives way to crisp dry finish.
2 Rings IPA
A West Coast IPA that has a floral and citrus aroma with a piney bitterness that finishes off smooth. 
Partyline Porter
A smoked porter coming in at 7.2 ABV with a soft caramel and roasty flavor. Partyline Porter is low on bitterness with a nice cherry wood smoke touch that you will love. 
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